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Reduce energy consumption by up to 30%, conserve water resources, reduce wastewater

volumes, relieve the burden on the environment, replace polluted jobs through

automation or relieve pressure through device construction, promote sustainability
and the circular economy?
This is mycon.

Cost &
Energy Efficient

Our company provides cost and energy-efficient services also saves resources.


mycon systems shrinks energy use and saves resources with small, eco-friendly solutions.


Internationally patented processes for digital system monitoring, cleaning,etc


Most of our equipment runs on pneumatic power, no electricity needed.

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Manual/Automatic cleaning of heat exchangers

  1. Our products for manual or automatic cleaning of heat exchangers of all types and sizes, and for general surface cleaning, include:
  • Jetmaster– Careful and intensive cleaning of finned heat exchangers
  • Jetboy– Ideal device for cleaning small heat exchangers and other surfaces, even under difficult space conditions and within buildings.
  • Powermaster– Blasting system that operates with compressed air and water-soluble blasting agents
  • IceMaster– Revolutionised dry ice blasting unit.
  • TubeMaster– Gently cleans shell-and-tube heat exchangers and individual tubes with compressed air and dry ice or various granulates.
  • FluidMaster– A device that can be used in areas that are difficult to access for flushing heat exchangers, moulds and pipes.
  • Mini fluidmaster– A compact, mobile version of fluidmaster for smaller requirements.

Railway Sector

  • JetMaster, JetBoy SP for cleaning oil coolers, transformer coolers, air conditioners, with optional special automation and auxiliary devices, catchment devices with extraction.
  • IceMaster for cleaning wheelsets and bogies, weld cleaning for visual inspection.
  • PowerMaster for paint removal and layer stripping.
  • SpeedMaster for surface cleaning.
  • SplitMaster for separating bonded components.

Cleaning of sulphur condensor tubes

TubeMaster from mycon GmbH cleans tube bundle heat exchangers, especially for the desulphurisation of gas and oil. Since dry cleaning takes place, sulphuric acid cannot form in the tubes afterwards. The inner walls of the pipes can be additionally polished in a single operation. This ensures excellent heat transfer and a longer service life.

Cleaning processes that use water are prohibited when cleaning sulfur capacitors. The resulting acid formation leads to severe corrosion of the inner pipe surfaces, not to mention the traditional method for removing sulfur crete is to drill the layer out of the pipes. This inevitably leads to smaller or larger scratches on the surface of the pipes, which then serve as preferred locations for the formation of new deposits. Major damage can also occur if the drill bits deviate from course and penetrate the steel pipe instead of removing the deposits. Since sulfur condenser tubes are usually made of carbon steel, some corrosion will always occur after a long period of operation. Corroded areas are particularly susceptible to fractures due to the mechanical stress of drilling. Finally, many sulfur condensers use U-tubes, and the curved part of the tubes cannot be reached by drilling. This means that some of the pipes remain unclean and the useful life of this heat exchanger is shortened. With “TubeMaster” all these problems can be overcome.

Acid gas, also known as hydrogen sulfide-rich gas, is produced in various countries around the world. Some of the countries known for their sour gas reserves are:
1. United States
2. Russia
3. Canada
4. Saudi Arabia
5. United Arab Emirates
6. Qatar
7. Iran
8. Kuwait
9. Iraq
10. Nigeria

Industrial/Commercial Sector

Automotive Sector

  • SplitMaster  for separating bonded body parts and vehicle batteries.
  • FilterMaster for fast, gentle, and eco-friendly cleaning of catalytic converters, exhaust particulate filters, and other filters
  • JetBoy  for gentle cleaning of radiators.
  • Icemaster –  Cleaning and deburring of automotive parts.
  • PowerMaster

Aviation Sector

  • JetMaster in a special version for cleaning finned heat exchangers (internal and external cleaning).
  • SplitMaster for separating bonded components.

Project Example

A wedge of epoxy resin was installed on the underside of the aircraft door to drain away condensation. Upon inspection, it was discovered that moisture had penetrated between the door surface and the epoxy resin wedge. The epoxy resin wedge therefore had to be removed without damaging the rivets/metal lines embedded in the epoxy resin. The PowerMaster from mycon GmbH was used with a special soft blasting agent. The epoxy resin could be completely removed without damaging the materials.

Building Sector

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About Us

mycon develops, produces and distributes products and automation technologies in the industrial cleaning sector. Our innovative solutions are created to meet the requirements of everyday applications, and have proven themselves in practice through use by our affiliate Kipp Umwelttechnik.

Customised and Altered Solutions

Tailored solutions crafted to your needs, ensuring satisfaction and optimal results.


Committed to environmental stewardship, we prioritize sustainable practices in every aspect of our operations.

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Transforming the landscape of industrial cleaning with our cutting-edge equipment, constantly researched and developed to meet the evolving demands of the industry.

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Patented tech redefines industries with cutting-edge efficiency, an innovation forefront.

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Through our innovative practices and worldwide partnerships, we're making a positive global impact, shaping a better future for all.

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We are dedicatedly striving to provide unparalleled customer service that goes above and beyond to exceed your expectations.

Maintaining Industrial Cleanliness

Implementing a structured approach for a safe and productive workplace
  • 1

    Understanding the industry, facility size, and specific cleaning challenges is crucial for effective cleaning solutions.

  • 2

    Assess client needs, then create a tailored cleaning plan based on industry, facility size, and challenges.

  • 3

    Experienced cleaners execute the plan, using appropriate equipment and chemicals for safe and effective facility cleaning.

  • 4

    After cleaning, conduct an inspection to ensure the facility meets the client's standards for cleanliness and hygiene.

Maintaining Industrial Cleanliness

Implementing a Structured Approach for a Safe and Productive Workplace

Improved occupational safety

The use of automated systems reduces the risk of workplace accidents that can occur during manual cleaning processes. Employees can be shifted to safer tasks.

Enhanced product quality and consistency

Proper cleaning and maintenance extend the lifespan of machinery and equipment, reducing downtime and associated costs.

Improved employee morale and satisfaction

A clean and hygienic workplace contributes to employee morale, satisfaction, and productivity.

Adaptability to harsh environments

The Gulf States often experience extreme weather conditions, including high temperatures and sandstorms. Automated systems are designed to function under such conditions.

Automated cleaning processes
thorough, careful, and environmentally-friendly

Client Testimonial

“With this system we cleaned the exchangers efficiently without manual labour and after cleaning the efficiency level of the exchangers restored to the original.”
Mr. Frank KinkePlant Manager - Erfurter Malzwerke GmbH
“The advantages of mycon are efficiency and resource. That is, mycon works with compressed air and with relatively little water. In the process, the material is attacked much less than is the case with system from market competitors.”
Mr. Richard PolkSite Manager-Danpower-Delitzsch
“We consider the JetBoy the ideal device for cleaning radiators. It is easy to handle and use. Since the surfaces of our finned heat exchangers do not become contaminated evenly everywhere, now we can also conduct cleaning of individual areas in addition to the normal cleaning interval. This allows us to maintain our heat exchangers at the optimal performance level, without extensive additional work.”
Mr. WockenfußHead of Datacenter Services