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Lower energy costs by up to 30 percent

JetMaster and JetBoy product series

Save over 90 percent of water


Always provide a residue-free cleaning

TubeMaster &

Closed-circuit cleaning


Effective for repairs and recycling

Set Standards

mycon products set standards for responsible action. Our products make this attitude visible and create sustainable values for customers and the environment.


mycon shows that ecology and economy do not have to be opposites. The ambitious strategy behind this is based on two pillars: the use of sustainable materials and operating supplies as well as the responsible use of resources.

Saving Resources

Our products lead to increased energy efficiency, saving of resources such as water, reduction of disposal quantities, reduction of disposal effort by being largely chemical-free and thus relieving the environment.

mycon Products Set an Example for Sustainability

Fossil energy production causes climate changes that are already clearly noticeable today. On the other hand, renewable energies will not be able to satisfy the global hunger for energy for a long time yet. Power generation by waste incineration plants is expected to last for a long time. To bridge the gap, gas-fired power plants will also be needed to generate energy for a longer period of time.
``The way to quickly relieve the environment is to find new technical solutions to reduce energy consumption.``
mycon has been following this path for years and has developed new processes to increase energy efficiency and reduce energy consumption. These processes, most of which are patented, are already being used nationally and internationally.


The mycon algorithm ControlMaster monitors heat exchangers of all kinds continuously, calculating optimal cleaning intervals. This ensures heat exchangers can always be maintained at the highest level of performance. In addition, the ControlMaster delivers a prompt warning of any partial loss of function by the heat exchanger, preventing possible operating disruptions.
``Using the ControlMaster in conjunction with mycon cleaning technology can lower energy costs by 30 percent or more.``

JetMaster & JetBoy Product Series

Our JetMaster, JetMaster AS, JetBoy and JetBoy SP cleaning units generally work without the use of chemicals, requiring water quantities of 0.1 to 1 litres per minute, depending on the device type. This represents a reduction of over 90 percent, compared to commonly used equipment such as pressure washers.

Cleaning with the JetMaster process is also extremely gentle; the stream actually feels pleasant against the user’s hand. It has no negative impact on the surfaces and sensitive surface structures. Because of this, heat exchangers are able to achieve long service lives. This helps protect the environment, as producing and installing a heat exchanger requires extensive resources.


Our IceMaster cleaning devices require 5 to 60 kg of liquid carbon dioxide per hour of use, depending on the device type. Generally, carbon dioxide is recovered from waste gases, for instance, from the chemical industry. Therefore, this represents an environmentally-friendly way to reuse existing carbon dioxide.

Using CO2, which is already available as a blasting agent eliminates the need for solid blasting agents or chemical cleaning agents, which also helps reduce environmental impact.

TubeMaster & Mini-TubeMaster

mycon TubeMaster & Mini-TubeMaster cleans pipes and tubular heat exchangers without the need for water, in a closed circuit. The blasting agents used are collected and reused, or disposed of properly. If needed, the interior surfaces of tubular heat exchangers can also be polished smooth during cleaning.
This improves transmission values, significantly reducing the amount of energy needed to operate the heat exchanger. This means, in turn, that less energy needs to be generated.


Our new SplitMaster allows for damage-free separation of bonded surfaces. Bonding technology offers multiple advantages, such as reduced weight, corrosion resistance, and high load-bearing capacity. The use of bonding technology is essential in industries such as car body construction. The SplitMaster is used to quickly separate bonded surfaces made of any material. This means the SplitMaster generates significant material and time savings during repairs and recycling.