Dry ice, produced from liquid CO2 direct in the blasting pistol, is fed into a compressed air stream and blasted at high speed onto the surface to be cleaned.The technique allows low-cost and also unlimited automated cleaning.

New: For the cleaning of sensitive electronic parts,
a version of the IceMaster that does not generate
electrostatic charges can also be supplied.

The IceMaster Process.

Dry ice jets have been successfully used for many years for cleaning purposes in numerous industrial sectors. However, high operating cost, expensive infrastructure and poor automation capability restricted the technique to a niche market despite good performance.

IceMaster revolutionised dry ice blasting. Low operating cost, full automation capability and continuous availability without reordering of dry ice pellets are just some of the many advantages.

mycon can also supply complete workstations and complete automation systems with soundproofed solutions for the manual use of the IceMaster.

Application Benefits

Minimised operating cost

Low compressed air consumption: minimum air quantity 1.00 m³, minimum pressure 1 bar.

No investment necessary. IceMaster can also be rented if desired.

Continuous availability

Easy to use

Full automation capability