FluidMaster for closed heat exchanger systems


  • Air Pressure: 6 bar
  • Device connection: Rapid release coupling
  • Electrical Supply: 16A 400V
  • Dimensions: 120x120x70 cm
  • Tank capacity: 500 lit
  • Pump Flow: 45 lit/min
  • Weight: 240kg + 17kg (accessories)
  1. Ideal for large closed loop heat exchangers where Mini-FluidMaster cannot be used.
  2. Has sensors that display the development of pressure, volume flow, temperature and pH level.
  3. Automatically turns off in the even of a leakage.

mycon has previously concentrated on mechanical cleaning systems for the cleaning of heat exchangers with the JetMaster, SpeedMaster and TubeMaster processes. The FluidMaster system closes a gap here after one year of development. The development was carried out completely in our company, practical support for the test series was provided by our sister company Kipp Umwelttechnik. Thus mycon can now offer devices and systems for the cleaning of all heat transfer systems.As far as possible and economically, mycon relies on automation or partial automation. FluidMaster is also equipped with a PLC. The appropriate cleaning program can be easily selected and started. The system has several sensors that display the development of pressure and volume flow as well as the temperature and pH value of the cleaning medium. FluidMaster is constantly monitored for tightness of all connections within the system and switches itself off automatically in the event of a leak.

All recorded values are constantly recorded and stored per second or minute, depending on the setting. The course of the cleaning is thus completely visible and can be documented at any time during or after the cleaning in any desired form. FluidMaster can therefore also remain in operation for longer periods without on-site personnel monitoring.

FluidMaster works with relatively high flow velocities. For large-volume heat transfer systems, the mycon SpeedMaster system can also be used as a combination device. SpeedMaster increases the flow rate of the cleaning medium and can also introduce a second cleaning medium at the same time if required.

FluidMaster is already successfully in use. Consulting services regarding the optimal cleaning media, also with regard to compatibility with the materials to be cleaned, can be provided directly by our chemist.