JetMaster is the gentle cleaning system from mycon GmbH for intensive, chemical-free cleaning of the sensitive finned surfaces of heat exchangers. JetMaster only uses compressed air and a small amount of water during cleaning. All heat exchanger units can become dirty quickly, depending on the ambient conditions in which they are operated. Industrial dust, pollen, and other influences continuously form deposits, with negative impacts on the function and efficiency of the heat exchanger, and ultimately on your budget as well! The contamination on an air condenser or liquid cooler forms an insulating layer, reducing energy efficiency and increasing costs for power, maintenance and service. In addition, using the JetMaster prevents corrosion from forming on sensitive fins. Gentle, chemical-free low-pressure cleaning using compressed air at approx. 3-7bar and water protects the surfaces and sensitive structure of the finned heat exchanger during cleaning. Over the long-term, this preserves the service life of your equipment and saves the significant costs associated with needing to purchase a new heat exchanger prematurely.

Cleaning through coarse dust contamination
in the wood & paper industry

Table Heat Exchanger after Partial Cleaning
Table Heat Exchanger before Cleaning
Wind Speed after Fully Cleaning
Wind Speed Before Cleaning

Gentle Intensive Cleaning System of Railway Sectors

JetMaster employs a unique process that combines the gentleness of compressed air with the power of supersonic water jets. This innovative approach ensures thorough cleaning without causing damage to sensitive railway surfaces.High-power nozzles propel specially pre-treated water at supersonic speeds, exceeding the velocity of sound. This rapid motion, coupled with the cavitation effect upon impact, results in unparalleled cleaning effectiveness, even on stubborn contaminants.


Fast cleaning of large-areas

mycon GmbH developed the JetPower for cleaning large surfaces. The JetPower allows for rapid cleaning of large, heavily contaminated surfaces of finned heat exchangers, as well as of glass and façade surfaces of all kinds. The new system combining the JetPower & JetMaster can be used to generate a beam width of up to approx. 0.50m when the beam hits the surface. This makes it possible to clean even large surfaces in a cost-effective manner.