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Monitoring of Heat Exchangers with the ControlMaster System by Means of Digitalisation of Contamination

mycon GmbH offers system units for targeted cleaning at a digitally optimized cleaning time.

Due to fouled heat transfer surfaces, there can be significant drops in production even if the heat transfer apparatus is cleaned twice a year. In investigated plants, fouling-related losses corresponded to up to approx. 3 per cent of annual production. These losses, which occur almost exclusively in the warm months of the year, could be almost completely prevented by installing and operating an automatic cleaning system.

With the “ControlMaster” system, mycon has developed a monitoring system together with the Hamburg University of Applied Sciences as part of a BAFA-funded project that works on the basis of a characteristic value for the cleanliness of the surfaces.

mycon has defined a characteristic value that is suitable for assessing the soiling on the air side of heat transfer devices that work with air, as it takes into account the influence of the soiling on the air mass flow. It can also be used to calculate the influence of the contamination on the system in which the heat exchanger is integrated. The calculation model can be extended to all types of heat transfer systems. Using this characteristic value, the ControlMaster can determine at any time which efficiency losses are caused by the fouling of e.g. condenser or have been caused in the past years.

Taking into account the costs of a cleaning, the characteristic value determines the optimal time to carry it out. This is possible for both manual and automatic cleaning. The costs incurred by switching off the fans for cleaning can also be taken into account. In combination with an automatic cleaning system, the ControlMaster can also start the cleanings independently. mycon offers the JetMaster AS automatic cleaning system for cleaning in the area of heat transfer systems that work with air. Depending on the surface area of the heat exchanger, JetMaster AS works with one or more jet nozzles in the low-pressure range of e.g. 6 bars. and usually only requires a maximum of 1 litre of water per jet nozzle per minute in addition to compressed air. ControlMaster can also record the savings achieved by carrying out the cleaning measures by determining how the characteristic value would have behaved without the cleaning. Based on this, ControlMaster calculates what electricity production and, for the waste incineration sector, what waste throughput would have been without the cleaning.

Digitalization and Sustainability: Optimizing Energy Efficiency and Production through Targeted Pollution Control

The digitalisation of pollution enables the targeted implementation of measures and operation at the energy optimum. This enables energy savings of up to 30 per cent.

In the area of energy production, significant production increases are also achieved, which in temperate climates can reach 1 to 3 percent of the total production volume annually. In warmer regions, even significantly better energy savings or increases in production volumes are inevitably achieved in most cases.

Future benefits for the customer in the areas of energy savings, increase in energy production, increase in incineration mass in the MVA area can be calculated on the basis of data from past years. The prerequisite for this is that the future baseline data does not differ significantly from the baseline data of previous years. This enables mycon to offer customers complete automated cleaning plants exclusively on the basis of future savings or profits for the next three years – including installation of the plants and services for these three years.

The diagram from 2018 shows the development of the functionality of an air condenser (Luko) with continuous soiling due to environmental influences. The blue line shows the surface factor with twice-yearly cleaning. The orange line shows the surface factor when the cleaning dates set by the ControlMaster monitoring system are adhered to.

ControlMaster: Optimized for Air Conditioning Efficiency

The ControlMaster proves exceptionally suitable for air conditioning maintenance, enhancing both efficiency and offering significant advantages:

  • Energy Efficiency: By optimizing cleaning cycles for air conditioning units, it achieves up to 30% energy savings, leading to substantial cost reductions.
  • Extended Lifespan: Precise maintenance minimizes corrosion and deposits, prolonging equipment life and reducing the need for costly repairs.
  • Environmental Protection: Reduced use of water and chemicals supports sustainable operational practices.
  • Safety: Automation minimizes risk to maintenance personnel, promoting a safer workplace.

The ControlMaster is your solution for cost-effective, environmentally friendly, and safe air conditioning maintenance. Experience the future of air conditioning maintenance – efficient, reliable, and sustainable.