mycon creates new possibilities for the use of the JetMaster system in the cleaning of heat transfer systems

An additional blasting device also makes it possible to clean e.g. Built-in oil coolers in locomotives gently, quickly and thoroughly at full depth within a few minutes. The effort required for manual cleaning is considerably reduced compared to previous cleaning methods. This protects and preserves the manpower of the employee responsible for cleaning. The comment of the responsible engineer for the area at a railway customer «only light cleaning is detailed cleaning» was taken into account in the development of the blasting device.

Image: Oil cooler installed in a locomotive
Image: Cleaning of an oil cooler installed in the locomotive

Reduction of noise levels and splashing water

There are sensitive working areas in which the increased noise level is disturbing. This is the case, for example, when other employees work in the immediate vicinity of the work site, who would then have to wear all hearing protection. mycon has developed sound insulation measures, especially for these areas, which are installed directly on the blast gun and considerably reduce the sound level. As a result, the application range of the JetMaster process has been further extended. With the reduction of the sound level and a reduction of the splash water is reached same time also that with impact of the jet on the surface of the heat exchanger. However, the quantity is small as less than one litre of water per minute is used.

The JetMaster system operates at high air flow rates. This leads to an increased noise level. This sound level depends on the jet nozzle used and the pressure of the compressed air and can be between 90-115 dB. The operator must therefore wear hearing protection during cleaning. However, the noise level decreases considerably as the distance to the blasting gun increases. The extent to which hearing protection is required for other employees depends on the local situation.

Images: mycon GmbH

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