Effective for cleaning heat exchangers in the production of acetylene

TubeMaster AS in operation

Cleaning attempts using extreme pressure cleaning with water of 2500 bar were unsuccessful – TubeMaster AS, however, was able to get the job done.

The patented cleaning method TubeMaster AS was able to successfully clean tubes of 8 meters of tube bundle heat exchangers using only 6.5 bar jet pressure. The automated cleaning unit was set to the required cleaning speed. Thus, the entire cleaning process occurred uniformly with the same parameters which led to high-quality cleaning results. Due to the residues being unusual and firmly stuck to the surface, each tube was cleaned twice and eventually examined with a special-purpose camera.

The inner surface of the tubes (38 mm) partly exhibited extremely hard and irregular residues of 16 mm in thickness. These residues built up over several years. Earlier cleaning attempts per high-pressure water cleaning with up to 2500 bar remained unsuccessful. Due to the residues in the exchanger, production was severely impaired. Additionally, the necessary energy expenditure for the cooling process increased drastically. Replacing the exchangers would have been very time-consuming considering the procurement cost as well as the installation and production downtimes involved.

TubeMaster AS in use on the tube bundle heat exchanger

TubeMaster can be used as a compact process, in the manual and the automated version. Within the compact process, build-ups and resources are extracted, immediately collected and afterwards made available for waste disposal.

TubeMaster can be used for cleaning vertically or horizontally arranged tube bundle heat exchangers. TubeMaster can be transported through manway openings without difficulty for the installation in front of the exchanger, also in the automated version. Furthermore, for the cleaning of individual tubes special articles for coupling connections are delivered as well. Operating the machine is definitely trouble-free and usually requires just two members of staff.

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