• Water supply: 12bar
  • Water consumption; >40kg
  • Compressed air pressure: 4.5-10 bar
  • Compressed air consumption: 6-10 m3/min
  • Noise level:  90-120 dB
  • Dimensions: 550x180x180 mm
  • Weight: 15kg
  • Diameter range: from DN 200 / from DN 150 (Add-on required)
  • Supply: Liquid cleaning agents, jetting agents, liquid CO2, dry ice pellets.

AiR-Robot by mycon is the device for powerful internal cleaning of pipes and exhaust air ducts. Pipes and ventilation ducts can be round or angular in shape.

AiR-Robot can work with compressed air and various operating media. The operating media used are dry ice (prefabricated dry ice pellets or dry ice production from liquid CO2 during blasting operation by means of mycon-IceMaster) or water-soluble soft blasting media. The mycon PowerMaster unit is required for the use of water-soluble blasting media.

The choice of abrasive depends on the type and consistency of the residues in the pipe. The residue-free use of dry ice is ideal for lighter soiling such as soot dust, other dusts. Dry ice also has a disinfecting effect. For highly viscous or very solid residues, however, the effect of dry ice is often not sufficient. In this case, a soft blasting agent can be used with the mycon PowerMaster unit. In special cases, the use of dry ice + soft blasting agent is also possible.

  1. Can be used to clean all types of ducts.
  2. Can be used in places difficult for human to work

AiR-Robot application possibilities

The unit has two blasting nozzles mounted on a rolling base. AiR-Robot is not self-propelled. Due to the enormous blasting forces of the blasting nozzles, the weight of the unit cannot apply the necessary forces to the driving surface. AiR-Robot is therefore pressed forward for shorter cleaning distances by means of the feed hose. For longer cleaning distances, Air-Robot is pulled speed-controlled with a special small winch. The nozzles are moved by means of an electric motor. The rotation speed can be controlled from an external control cabinet. The nozzles jet onto the inner channel surfaces at an angle of approx. 45°. The high flow velocity results in a flow directed towards the pipe/duct outlet in the entire pipe, which then automatically leads to the discharge of the impurities over shorter distances. If necessary, this flow can be increased by a suction unit with filter unit installed at the pipe/duct outlet. All residues are collected in the filter unit and can then be disposed of.

Neither the blasting medium dry ice nor the soft blasting medium used by Air-Robot if required will damage galvanised surfaces.

AiR-Robot is ideal for cleaning the inner surfaces of ventilation ducts.

Application Examples

Cleaning a cargo tank with AiRobot
Cleaning a cargo tank with AiRobot