Waste Incineration Plants

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For non-abrasive interior tube cleaning


JetMaster AS

Careful, intensive cleaning for finned heat exchangers

JetMaster/JetMaster AS

Waste Incineration Plants

Difficulties with the constant functioning of your air-cooled condenser during the warm months? JetMaster AS from mycon GmbH offers the solution. We will be pleased to calculate the possibilities for improving the functionality for you in advance.

JetMaster from mycon GmbH is environmentally friendly and saves resources. The water consumption is extremely low with 1.00 litre per minute. JetMaster works without any additional chemicals. Thus, the amount of wastewater is extremely reduced compared to other aqueous cleaning methods and is only polluted by the mostly harmless soiling of the surfaces in this area. During the examination of the air-cooled condenser in the plant of a customer, with surprising results. The performance of the tested air-cooled condenser drops between 2 cleanings every 5 months (beginning of April and end of August) to up to 57% of the nominal performance due to contamination. This leads to a 5.6% reduction in waste incineration and a 7.9% reduction in electricity production in these 5 months. If, on the other hand, the air-cooled condenser is cleaned on demand, its performance does not fall below 95%, which means that the slumps in production can largely be avoided.

Examples of the automated JetMaster system – cleaning of heavily soiled finned tubes
Example of the JetMaster system – cleaning of heat exchangers

Application Examples

Graphite heat exchanger before cleaning
Graphite heat exchanger before the cleaning and already cleaned part using TubeMaster
Inner tube of a graphite heat exchanger after cleaning with TubeMaster system
Graphite tube before cleaning
Air preheater after cleaning with the JetMaster combination system
Air preheater before cleaning with the JetMaster combination system
Cleaning of a tube bundle heat exchanger (graphite tubes) using TubeMaster
Heat exchanger of graphite tubes
Close-up view of the air preheater after cleaning using the JetMaster combination system