SpeedMaster TC


  • Cleaning speed: up to 1,200 mm/sec
  • Pipe inner diameter range: 3-120 mm

SpeedMaster TC sets new standards with cleaning speeds of up to 1,200 mm/sec. Pipes of all materials from an inner diameter of 3 mm up to approx. 120 mm can be cleaned in almost all lengths as well as from almost all residues and can also be coated with a special version of the SpeedMaster TC. SpeedMaster TC can be equipped with an integrated length measurement of the pipes and thus adapt the automated cleaning process to different pipe lengths in a line. The cleaning process is documented electronically. The gaseous operating medium is usually compressed air, but other gases can also be used in special cases.In addition, the integration of an online quality check of the cleaning result is possible. Based on the measured values, cleaning can also be repeated automatically if necessary. The number of necessary cleanings and the quality level obtained are also documented electronically.

The dirt and operating medium discharged during cleaning are collected at the end of the pipe by a suction unit that is mobile and adjusts to the length of the pipe. Depending on the requirements, various liquid or solid operating fluids can be used. Liquid operating fluids can almost always be reprocessed.

A special version of the SpeedMaster TC is used for coating inner pipe surfaces. Ceramic coatings, among others, can be used as coating agents, which are not permeable to hydrogen in the corresponding coating thickness.

With a further modification of the SpeedMaster TC, pipes that are already bent can also be cleaned and / or coated.