mycon GmbH offers devices and systems for both manual and automated use for the cleaning of heat exchangers and other surfaces.

Simple, risk-free procurement: All devices are available for rental. Subsequently, there is a purchase option with credit for rental payments up to a maximum of three months.

mycon GmbH is part of a corporate group with roots dating back to 1971. The corporate group also includes Kipp Umwelttechnik GmbH, which operates in the service sector and contributes practical experience to the development of cleaning technology. mycon holds dozens of patents and delivers to more than 40 countries. Despite having the qualities of a small business, mycon supplies large companies directly. Its activities centre around the development, production and sale of manual and automated industrial cleaning systems, mainly for use in energy technology, the rail industry, the automotive industry and the production of tubes, profiles, bars, wires and tapes. mycon GmbH also offers all systems for hire and can provide a full service. All automated systems are equipped with a remote maintenance unit for process monitoring, enabling errors to be spotted and rectified in next to no time. Program modifications can also be made via the remote maintenance unit as the customer requires.

Automated cleaning brings greater energy efficiency and longer life spans for heat exchangers

Consisting of four different combination options and used for cleaning heat exchangers, mycon GmbH’s JetMaster system works based on high speed and cavitation effects. The system can be used manually or fully automatically. Customers confirm the outstanding cleaning quality. In addition, an automated JetMaster requires only around 240l of water per hour and no additives for a cleaning width of around 500-600mm. Depending on the level of soiling, fully-automated cleaning of an exchanger area of around 300m² takes just six to ten operating hours. If required, the rotors can usually remain in operation during cleaning; otherwise, only those rotors that are currently being cleaned are switched off. This can be done fully automatically via a signal from the cleaning system’s control panel. Thanks to sensors, the cleaning system bypasses any obstacles on the exchanger surfaces automatically.

mycon has already planned, constructed and installed the first system for a large waste incineration plant operator. The customer has already placed a follow-up order for installation in early 2018.
Watch this video on YouTube.
JetMaster AS – outside heat exchanger

Watch this video on YouTube.
JetMaster AS – inside heat exchanger

These videos give an impression of how an automated system works.

Thanks to automation, cleaning is available at any time, and can be triggered at the touch of a button – so the exchangers constantly remain as effective as when they were new. As a result, new construction projects do not need to include reserve capacity due to contamination. This can save considerable costs in new construction – much more than the cost of purchasing the JetMaster system. The entire system is easy to adjust to any cleaning requirements using the integrated pneumatic and electric control unit. One control unit can serve multiple exchanger surfaces. The system is switched on at the touch of a button – or automatically based on the values it is currently achieving.

The TubeMaster system from mycon

mycon also supplies manual and automatic systems for cleaning tube bundle heat exchangers (TubeMaster system). The system can even polish the interior walls of the tubes, enabling significant energy savings and improved production processes.

Tube bundle heat exchanger before and after cleaning

mycon provides non-abrasive cleaning options for cleaning membrane walls

Cleaning a membrane wall in a waste incineration plant

The PowerMaster system from mycon

mycon’s PowerMaster system cleans all steel and metal surfaces gently and cost-effectively without roughening. Despite this, the cleaning effect is so strong that even tough coatings can be removed quickly without residue.

Removable plate heat exchangers are cleaned with mycon’s PowerMaster system. For non-removable plate heat exchangers and inaccessible tube bundle heat exchangers, mycon offers flushing systems tailored to each individual case. The company also provides manual and automated solutions for these applications.

Cleaning exchanger plates with PowerMaster: before and after

mycon GmbH systems can also be observed under operating conditions.

Photos: mycon GmbH

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