Blasting made easy with Mini-PowerMaster


  • Water supply pressure: 6 bar max.
  • Water consumption: 0.5-1.5 lit/min
  • Compressed air pressure: 2-10 bar
  • Compressed air consumption: 2-8 m3/minute
  • Noise level: 90-120 dB
  • Weight of blasting: 2kg
  • Total weight: 120kg
  • Blasting medium tank: small

Mini-PowerMaster is the lighter and more manageable version of the PowerMaster system. However, the blast boiler of the Mini-PowerMaster is significantly smaller. The smaller boiler volume is advantageous when using water-soluble blasting agents in regions with high humidity, especially when no dryer with a dew point of -10°C is available. Otherwise, the Mini-PowerMaster is identical to the larger PowerMaster device.

Mini-PowerMaster is a new blasting system that operates with compressed air and water-soluble blasting agents. If needed, small amounts of water are additionally dosed and added.

The new cleaning process is based on an environmentally friendly and water-soluble granulate, which is introduced into a compressed air stream. Just before exiting, the granulate is moistened with water to increase kinetic energy. Due to the soft granulate, metallic surfaces are not affected, and other surfaces are minimally or not affected at all.

Mini-PowerMaster is used, for example, for cleaning and coating removal of pipes (inner and outer surfaces), rods, strips, profiles, and wires. The system operates cost-effectively in the low-pressure range between 3 and – depending on the system type – a maximum of 8 bar of compressed air, with low water consumption ranging from 0.5 to 2 liters per minute. Depending on the application, the blasting speed can be in the subsonic or supersonic range.

When using the blasting agents recommended by mycon, even polished stainless steel surfaces or light metal surfaces can be cleaned or coated without visible damage to the metal surfaces. Films, paints, varnishes, resins, fats, bituminous layers, or release agents on molds can be removed gently, quickly, and economically with Mini-PowerMaster. PowerMaster can also be used for cleaning and coating removal of plastic surfaces.

The possibilities of using Mini-PowerMaster: Mini-PowerMaster can be used for cleaning large surfaces with special nozzles up to 160 mm wide. When removing lighter contaminants, Mini-PowerMaster works with the addition of extremely gentle blasting agents. Vehicles, vehicle rims, as well as glass, plastics, or building facades of any kind can be cleaned intensively and gently at high surface performance.

Mini-PowerMaster can be automated if necessary.

Front view while blasting
Back view while blasting