Manual or automated cleaning of tube bundle heat exchangers and separate tubes

TubeMaster – gently, effectively and without water

mycon GmbH developed its purification process TubeMaster a long time ago. TubeMaster cleans small tubes with a diameter of approximately 50 mm, when using a special version of even tubes with a diameter of 100 mm. This purification process even achieves better results than high pressure cleaning methods using up to 2500 bar.

TubeMaster is especially commendable and effective for the purification of sulfur condensers for example, as they are impossible to be cleaned with water. In this case, water would cause sulfuric acid which would consequently corrode and thus destroy the tubes.

With a jet pressure of 6.5 bar, the patented purification process TubeMaster AS successfully cleans straight, long tubes, even those with tenacious build-ups. Applying a special version, curved tubes can also be cleaned with a decreased amount of cleaning power.

A further development of TubeMaster now enables adjusting the cleaning under consideration of the tube material as soon as it reaches the customer. Optionally, the surface quality of the tubes’ inner surface can be improved during the cleaning process through simultaneous polishing. Thus, the productive capacity and overall transmission time can be increased while energy costs can be reduced.

When the automated version TubeMaster AS is in use, the cleaning speed can be adjusted to the respective requirements. The cleaning process thus occurs under consideration of the same parameters which leads to a highly qualitative cleaning result. The tube’s inner surface gets to a continually polished state if special, corresponding components are used. The simultaneous material abrasion is kept to such a low degree that it could not yet be measured.

TubeMaster is AS used in a compact process

TubeMaster can be used as a compact process, in the manual and the automated version. Within the compact process, build-ups and resources are extracted, immediately collected and afterwards made available for waste disposal.

TubeMaster can be used for cleaning vertically or horizontally arranged tube bundle heat exchangers. TubeMaster can be transported through manway openings without difficulty for the installation in front of the exchanger, also in the automated version. Furthermore, for the cleaning of individual tubes special articles for coupling connections are delivered as well. Operating the machine is definitely trouble-free and usually requires just two members of staff.

TubeMaster AS cleaning a tube bundle heat exchanger

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