Food Industry

Suitable Products

JetBoy/JetBoy SP

Environmentally-friendly, chemical-free, up to 95% water savings

JetBoy/JetBoy SP

JetMaster AS

Careful, intensive cleaning for finned heat exchangers

JetMaster/JetMaster AS

Food Industry

Application examples from the food industry sector

Application for JetMaster from mycon GmbH in the Food Industry. The picture shows a typical cooler in a coldstore.

The JetMaster combination system also removes massive residues from sensitive fins.

Application Examples

Cooler after cleaning.
Cooler before cleaning
Copper finned heat exchanger after cleaning with JetMaster
Copper finned heat exchanger before cleaning with JetMaster
Cleaned Table cooler
JetMaster also removes hard deposits
Cleaning of refrigeration system using JetBoy
Air inlet grills before and after cleaning