Vehicle filter cleaning unit


  • Compressed air supply pressure: 3-4 bar
  • Compressed air consumption: 10-12 m3/min
  • Electrical supply voltage:  230V 50Hz (Blasting unit) 400V 50Hz (pump)
  • Fuse: 16A
  • Power supply: 400W (blasting unit) 5 kW (pump)
  • Noise level: 85-100 dB
  • Weight: 600kg (blasting cubicle) 30kg (pump)

The quality and efficiency of the DPF cleaning system “FilterMaster for cars” is impressive. Since no cutting and welding work is required, the entire housing including the pipes remains intact. The DPF cleaning processes previously used for car exhaust diesel particulate filters are therefore no longer contemporary and no longer competitive in terms of preserving the value invested in them.