A coating device from mycon

CoverMaster offers considerable cost savings of up to 50% and more compared to conventional systems.

CoverMaster can operate as a single- or multiple-line system at high throughput speeds of up to 80 m per minute or more. Even higher throughput speeds can be achieved with a special application.

Depending on requirements, CoverMaster consists of one or more covering heads, the reservoir for the medium, and the systems for conveying and controlling the medium’s temperature. Moreover, mycon GmbH handles integration of the control technology with the production line or transport line as well as the entire installation all the way up to commissioning.

Benefits of the CoverMaster
CoverMaster can process nearly all inks, varnishes, and anticorrosion coatings – even media that are normally not sprayable. CoverMaster’s operating costs are extremely low because almost no overspray occurs. Material savings of up to 50% or more can be achieved. In addition, CoverMaster requires only very small volumes of compressed air, which are normally between 30 L and 60 L per minute per covering head depending on the size of the part to be covered.

Another advantage is the compact design of the CoverMaster’s covering head starting at about 600 mm long. This allows CoverMaster to be easily installed in nearly every existing production line. As a result of its particularly robust, modular design, the investment required for CoverMaster lies in the lower range of comparably powerful systems.

mycon GmbH also offers various pretreatment systems using liquid CO2, dry ice, or chemicals for cleaning before covering with CoverMaster. These pretreatment systems can be precisely tailored to customers’ needs and also operate at high throughput speeds.