Cleaning of Air Conditioner

Suitable Products

JetMaster /
JetMaster AS

Careful, intensive cleaning for finned heat exchangers

JetMaster / JetMaster AS

JetBoy/JetBoy SP

Environmentally-friendly, chemical-free, up to 95% water savings

JetBoy/JetBoy SP

Cleaning of air conditioning systems using the JetMaster process. If required, JetMaster is also available as a silenced and almost splash-proof system.

JetMaster cleans with special patented proprietary technology – extremely gentle, yet powerful and effective at the same time.

Cleaning of the heat exchanger of an AC at an airport

Application Examples

Cleaning of an air conditioner using JetMaster
Cleaning of an air conditioner used on a train
Cleaning the lime residue of heat exchangers in a hospital
Cleaning of a heat exchanger on a Train.
Cleaning of an AC using the JetMaster
Cleaning of air cooler on a bus